Service Plan

Many of the area's leading musicians entrust their instruments to Bluenote Music Shop including the renowned, world class concert clarinettist and teacher Mr. Matt Hunt, who has on several occasions asked us to replace pads and address leaks on both his Bb clarinet and Basset horn. The gifted well-known saxophonist Mr. Pete Lyons is a regular and valued customer. Pete has challenged us to experiment with different venting heights on his Selmer saxophones and servicing on his soprano, alto and several of his tenors and has always been delighted with results.

Another very regular customer is the dynamic session musician and teacher Mr. Simon Peat. Simon likes his horns to be in tip-top playing order and so uses Bluenote Music Shop to perform a variety of jobs from simple leak-light tests, to servicing and complete overhauls. In addition to the above there are a great many of the woodwind teachers in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire using us to work on their own and pupils instruments because they know they will be delighted with the work carried out but returned quickly.

Regular servicing will have a profound effect on the long term playability and resale value of your valuable musical instrument. We are passionate about all Woodwind so please visit Bluenote Music Shop to receive the care and attention you expect.

The Service Plan shall include pads, corks, springs and labour. All work is covered by a three months guarantee. All repairs must be undertaken by Woodwind Works Ltd. Any work undertaken by any third party will render the service plan null and void.

The service plan is not a guarantee or a warranty. Items not included; consumables such as reeds and mouthpieces, instrument cases, bent or broken keys, screws, accidental or malicious damage including dents, scratches and cosmetic finishes.

The service must be claimed within two months of the due date and any service not claimed within that period will render this offer null and void.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to make arrangements to deliver the instrument to Woodwind Works Ltd.

A charge will be made for postage and insurance only.

In the very unlikely event of a disputed claim, Woodwind Works Ltd reserves the right to judge whether a claim is valid or not and this decision is final.

When you purchase an instrument from Woodwind Works Ltd, we offer heavily discounted servicing on that instrument.