Flute Swabs & Pad Dryers

Using swabs and pad dryers enhance the life of your flute by absorbing damaging moisture left after playing. We have a large selection here at Bluenote Music Shop in Sheffield. Please call in for a browse or contact us for help and advice. Below you will find a small selection of our most popular products.

  • BG DKF Discovery Kit Flute                                       in stock  £  9.99
  • BG A32F  Flute Swab with Drop                               in stock  £ 15.79
  • BG A32FK Flute Head Joint & Body Swab             in stock  £ 22.99
  • BG A39 Piccolo Swab                                                  in stock  £ 18.79
  • BG A39K Piccolo Pouch Swab                                  in stock  £ 12.99
  • BG A62 Care Cloth                                                       in stock  £ 10.20
  • BG A62L Large Care Cloth                                         in stock  £ 13.29
  • BG A62G Care Glove                                                    in stock  £ 13.29
  • BG A62 UDS Concert Swab                                       in stock  £ 24.99